Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is Blue Lagoon Resort located?
A: Blue Lagoon Resort is located on Foiata Island (18°43'0 S / 174°7'60 W), situated within the Vava'u island group in the Kingdom of Tonga.

Q: Do the fales include private or ensuite bathrooms?
A: Yes, all fales have private ensuite bathrooms with a toilet and a hot/cold shower.

Q: Do you offer internet access?
A: Yes, but only in the restaurant area.

Q: What other activities do you offer besides swimming with the whales?
A: There are complimentary kayaks, paddleboards and snorkeling equipment available.

Q: Do you allow reef fishing?
A: Yes, reef fishing is allowed in the lagoon.

Q: How many people are allowed on the whale swim tours?
A: We only take a maximum of 4 people per boat. This allows all 4 guests to get in the water every time and maximise their time with the whales. We are the only tour operator that offers this service without having to charter your own boat.

Q: How long are the whale swim tours?
A: We are out on the water for 6 hours. Tours go out every day except Sunday. Sunday is a national day of rest for Tongans.

Q: Do I need to bring my own snorkeling equipment?
A: No. Blue Lagoon has a full selection of fins, masks, snorkels and wetsuits in most sizes. Please enquire about sizes if you don't intend to bring your own equipment. Just to be safe.

Q: When is the best time to see the whales?
A: The whale season is from July through November but the best time for whale swimming is mid-July through early October. Blue Lagoon will be closed between 01/11 and 30/06.

Q: Do you offer cooking facilities?
A: Sorry, there are no cooking facilities available. Our restaurant was rated "The Best Food in Vava'u" by Lonely Planet so I am sure you will be pleased with our meal plans.

Q: Do you offer vegan meals?
A: Sorry, NO VEGAN meals are offered. However, we will do our best to provide for any special dietary needs. YOU MUST enquire in advance of your stay.

Q: Do you offer resort transfers?
A: Yes, we offer airport and boat transfers to and from Blue Lagoon Resort. We will also pick up or drop off from other resorts in Neiafu or other nearby islands. We will NOT pick up and drop off from other whale tour operators.

Q: Do you offer transfers to other whale tours?
A: No, we do NOT offer transfers to other whale tour operators.

Q: Do you accept credit cards as payment?
A: We accept VISA and Mastercard only. Also, there is a 5% surcharge for payments made with a credit card.

Please note: We do NOT ALLOW Google Glass on the island.